Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tales From Another Broken Bar Examinee: OctoBARfest and its post production

Our greatest fear about the Bar Exam is the number of people who were convinced that we can make it. While we would like to believe on such assessment, we are worried about the effect of that assumption proven invalid.


The Philippine Bar Examination is the professional licensure examination for lawyers in the Philippines.

It is the only professional licensure exam in the country that is not supervised by the Professional Regulation Commission. The exam is exclusively administered by the Supreme Court of the Philippines through the Supreme Court Bar Examination Committee.

Information about the bar exams are readily available and there's no point in narrating such in this post. However, I am more inclined to share other stuffs, say for example, the 6-month struggle of a bar examinee, their being the WILD ONES after the fourth Sunday, and the never-ending-treat-I-deserve-to-treat-myself as an excuse to have a lengthy stay in the city of Gawd ... Manila... As coined by our El Presidente---imba mooter George Romea, "6 months and 20 pounds later" would make a great title for a book on the review. I would like to have the same title if I should make one, haha! But that would be impossible. I haven't even finished my book entitled "LATE, HAVE I LOVED YOU."

Oh well, let's begin... And I promise you, this won't be longggggggggggg...


October 29, 2012
The supposed to be Tagaytay Trip

October 30-31, 2012
The Zambales Series

November 1, 2012
The Departure

November 2, 2012
The PBA Experience

November 3, 2012

Bath, feed, movies, feed, movies, swimming, sauna… Boring day.

November 4, 2012
The Mall of Asia Trip
Feed at the Racks
Taken 2

November 5, 2012

I like to call this trip, the Smooth Navigator trip. Why? Ask my friend Justice Emmanuel. The night before, the when-it-comes-to-the-last-year-in-law-school couple told me and the ever-torpe OSG Jeremie that they are going to have their eastern-approach-medical-check-up-through-pulse-detection somewhere in Binondo (my surname, according to Atty. Eugene in our Partnership and Corporation class, haha!).

Went with the group to visit Quiapo Church. I am not Catholic though.

Then, feast at Ying Ying’s Tea House. Must feed new food. Daghan sad ug bisaya sa place.

Later, halo-halo at Binondo’s Mang Inasal while waiting for our Eastern-approach-medical-check-up.

Surprised by our illnesses/diseases plus the cannot-be-read prescriptions. You’ve got to choose between herbal medicines or tablets. And for the consultation, Php400 damage after checking your pulse and the back of your tongue. A new approach indeed, hehe.

After that, a visit to St. Jude Church, the part where we walked a thousand miles (exag) and rode an almost-round-trip-route of the jeepney. The part where our Smooth Navigator EB, failed in his “sense of direction”. But we managed to find it though.

November 6, 2012

Time for the couple GO and EB to leave.

Fast Cargo picked up our cargoes, obviously.

Swimming then sauna.

Silent night for the guys, haha!!!

November 7, 2012

Another boring day in Shaw Residenza. Been tired of waiting for November 8. There will be no activity for the day, not until 2:00 p.m., the most-awaited body scrub-plus-Swedish massage. We just pampered ourselves with an Ensogo coupon of Nuat Thai, lol. And how was the experience? Ssshhh…

Later, went to Shaw 500’s 7/11 to buy coffee which was not yet available. There we saw Aiza Seguerra J No picture taking. No camera phones brought, hehe.

By 6:00 p.m., left JN at the condo to have dinner with my BAPS mates at their place. My soon-to-be-Bedan-lawyer-friend picked me up at our building and enjoyed some steps towards Wack Wack.

Must-feed-lechon-manok plus ang ipinagbabawal na Red Horse while watching Johnny M’s kapal face in his show “Who’s That Girl?”.

November 8, 2012

Why 8? Because it is the day before the owner could appropriately file an unlawful detainer case against us.

Why 8? JN, please explain your Chinese stuff.

Last day living in the city of gawd. Only me and JN were left. After packing our things, we went to the mall to make a sabay-sa-uso-pasalubong, the J Co. Donuts. I haven’t tasted it yet and I am not even making a bite. Dapat dw kasi umiwas aq sa mga sweets-and-sugared stuffs. Kaya nga hindi na ako umangal nung kinuha yung chocolate ko sa ref.

Window shopping was our thing that time, roaming around the mall until Mr. Hunger came knocking at our stomach walls. JN, the navigator, was a failure in searching for the restaurant with a tag name of ‘PEPPER’. While searching the same, my auto-focus-40/20-vision was triggered. Well, I saw a Kapamilya star and all I remember was that she was one of the characters of the station’s show, Good Vibes. She’s a beauty and her name is Linn Oeymon. 

After deliberate search and despite earnest efforts to serve the summons-to-eat-in-a-not-in-Cebu-resto, we ended up eating at Sizzling Peppers, traced from the mind and late realization of JN that there’s a Cebu branch right at Ayala. Phew! Funny thing is, it was kinda weird to hear the line, “table for two?”. Two guys, table for two? Just weird.

Heading towards to the ultimate purpose of the day, the J Co. Donuts, we spend a lot of time WAITING to have them in a box. Para lang bumili ka ng gamot sa botika, may priority number, pffttt! Mind speaking, “patience is a virtue.”

Final(e)ly, after paying damages caused and settling matters with the condo unit, the manager reminded me (in behalf of us, lol!) to call her if we passed the examination. To my mind, I’d like to tell her that I wish and I hope that we could make that call by March, haha! However, I just smiled.

At NAIA 3, JN drank his favourite 7/11 vanilla coffee with a solution’s ratio of 1 teaspoon=1 pitcher of water, haha! After checking in, we saw familiar faces, the girls without their partners, JO and ICC. Talk and talk and talk and talk. Endured the delay, the Cebu Pacific way and their blame-it-to-the-air-traffic excuse.

It was raining when we boarded the plane, the same situation when left Cebu to ‘visit’ the city of gawd. Maybe a sign of whatever.

At last, we landed after numerous turbulences. Said goodbye. Headed directly to the mountains. And planned for a rock climb. The end, FOR NOW.

Note: During my brief stay in the city of gawd, I was really hoping I would meet Miss Bianca Manalo and Miss Georgina Wilson. Hehe. But anyway, I enjoyed the company of Team Cebu.

I hope, we are indeed waiting for something by March.