Sunday, July 31, 2011

MTB Rides to Mountain View and beyond...

First Ride
July 10, 2011
Mountain View

Second Ride
July 31, 2011

I was already planning to have my routine, riding my MTB - and the same destination in mind, Mountain View. I kinda missed riding my MTB because of the not-so-fine weather which hit the country, not just Cebu City. It has been two Sundays already, missing the ride. Well, with those missed Sundays I still managed to shed a little sweat because of the volleyball practice, getting ready for the school's sports fest. It's quite exciting because the Law and the Political Science Departments are already merged having a new name, School of Law and Governance. It sounds lame though, I just can't imagine how the cheers would sound like. So much for that, it is so OT and as of now, I don't feel like writing about school and other related stuffs. Hello! it's a Sunday!

I started preparing my stuffs at around 1500hrs after watching series of movies since last night. There are not so many things to bring around. Just comfy attire for biking, worn-out WB shoes, the aged Adidas bag, coin purse, school ID (I don't why I am always bringing it, it's not like some Privilige Card, you know), and of course, my second-hand generic MTB. And most important, gotta take a bath before the ride. You can't allow yourself to get wet after, or you'll get varicose veins. Though, I got loads of those and they're like spider webs in my hands and feet. Tush!

My starting point is at home, obviously. It is located in Mambaling, near the school for the Badjaos, if you know exactly what tribe or shall we say race I am referring to. Started off at 1600hrs and my first stop is the vulcanizing shop. I have to air-up (if such term is correct, lol) my tires which costs me Php 5.00. Next stop is H.W. Miller Sanitarium to buy 1 liter of soya milk. I prefer soya instead of H2O.

So, here's the route for today. From Miller, I passed through N. Bacalso Avenue and did a left turn towards V. Rama; then a right turn to B. Rodriguez, next Jones Avenue, right to Escario, and then took a left turn towards Oppra. There's a road there that will lead you to either Beverly Hills going to Sudlon if you'll take the right and to your left is the access towards Camp Marina - - - I have gone through this trail when I was in college. You'll enjoy the climb and then a downhill rush where you will end up at Guadalupe Church. But anyway, I did not take that route considering it has been raining lately. I can't take care of the muddy road with ease with my generic bike. So, I took the road which led one to Beverly Hills and then to Sudlon. I was hoping my classmate will see me, she's residing at Beverly Hills (hush! hush!).

Nearing Sudlon, I think it is the same place where the Civil Service Commission had its office and also the Department of Education Regional Office, I happened to pass by a mini-ranch or is there a better term for a place where one will do horse rides? Yeah, there were beautiful horses, and big ones. To let you know, I had this thing for horses since I was a kid. And I have been wanting, not only to ride one, but also to have one. But, I'll surely buy one (I am unemployed, by the way), and bring it home to the farm. Horses look more good out there than having them here in the city. Maybe I could ask PMY (the aforementioned classmate) if the horses are available for a fee. :) Tush! Another ride which I haven't tag along a camera with me.

After watching the horses, I continued my ride going through JY Mall. This is where the challenge begins. And, I happen to see Ms. Ivy, of the SocSci Division in UP Cebu - - - waving at her while she smiles. I can tell she still remembers me, my face is not that common maybe. I think the right term is RARE! (self-pity mode). And so, the climb began!

I was beginning at a good pace actually when I started off. However, a few meters before Ford's building, the no-lunch thing took its toll. I began to feel my stomach aching and I was running out of breath - I started to lose the strength of my knees. So, I got off from my MTB and drink soya. However, it was of no help. I needed a respirator. My vision started to fade - - - like seeing a white light thing. It was not my first time having that experience but it was that time that I was so afraid because I don't have someone with me. And what I feared the most is the embarrassing experience in passing out in the streets, lol. Though I was kinda afraid that I might die because it can cause death, such experience. Some sort of a cardiac arrest maybe, I am no expert in medical stuffs. At that point, I have no idea on how to address the situation until later, I fell. Good thing that I happened to lean on a fence with my back or else, there would be a possibility that I will bump my head on the pavement. I just leaned there, waiting to regain my strength. I just closed my eyes because all I can see is a white light. This is not an exaggeration really. A few minutes after, I was okay. I was wondering then whether I will continue the ride or just go back home. But, I decided to go for it and just grab a bite along the road. Because of that incident, I forgot to monitor my duration in doing the climb. By 1725hrs, I was already at Hilltop Hotel. I stopped for a while to read their banner. Well, they had this KTV Bar and it will cost you Php 500/hr  if you'll use the family room which can accommodate up to 25 persons and they have also a regular room at a lower rate, Php 250/hr which can suit up to 8 people. I should have brought my camera so that I could take photos of certain establishments up there for one to visit. Oh well... next time.. 

I arrived at Chateau de Busay at 1815hrs. I still have the energy to go on until Mountain View but it was getting dark and I don't have any head light for my bike, making it more dangerous to ride downhill. Worse, I got no helmet (I am still saving to buy one though). I stayed for a while consuming my soya and have some chit chat with the gays up there. They're doing some sort of interview about the hobby which I gladly answered some of their queries. One of them even asked me if (s)he can ride with me going downhill. As a courteous gesture, I just gave him(her) a smile.

Going downhill was pretty much exciting especially with my brakes which don't give a good grip at all. And you need them with the sharp curves you'll engage. Plus other motorcycles and automobiles in a small road. Whew! But no worries, it was my second time (just kidding, I was scared really) - - - same bike, same trail. It was a smooth ride except for one sharp curve which made me took off the road. Thank God I managed to make it on the road again. Even if there was a railing, crashing against it will cause you loads of stitches and injuries...

So, I arrived safely at about 1858hrs. Approx, I was riding for about 3 hours, whew! Sweat! Well, gotta rest. And wait for Sunday to arrive to have another ride. I wish I could post some pictures soon...